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About - Mandala Spa and Villa

Mandala Spa and Villa- Overview

Mandala Spa and Villas Resort is a getaway that provides health and leisure for soul and body. The bathrooms are large and sensual with outdoor shower and a free standing bathtub to indulge in a floral bath of your choice. Mandala Spa and Villas Resort's Villas connects to a balcony where guests can listen to birdsong and take in the breeze. The bathrooms are large and sensual with outdoor shower and a free standing bathtub to indulge in a floral bath of your choice. Each Resort Villa in Mandalas Spa and Villas comes inclusive a daily guided Yoga class for 2, 1 complimentary daily Qi massage or 1daily complimentary floral bath or your choice of  1 cleansing and living foods diet.

Mandala Spa and Villa- Rooms Accommodation
  • Resort Villa
  • Pool Villa
  • Day Spa
Mandala Spa and Villa- Room Amenities
  • Air-conditioned villa is equipped with
  • CD player
  • Wireless internet access (WiFi)
  • In-room safes
  • Deluxe amenities.

Mandala Spa and Villa- FACILITIES

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Mandala Signature Massage 1:35 hr
    Surrender your mind and body to this massage which uses long-stroke pressure and gentle stretches. Designed to take you into a very deep state of relaxation, the signature massage is the starting point of various spa treatment packages offered at Mandala Spa.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Lymph Drainage Massage 1:30 hr
    Our lymphatic system aids the body in collecting and eliminating pollutants and waste byproducts through delicate lymph vessels which run beneath the skin. This is very gentle form of massage improves the lymph flow, which gets slugglish from stress. The result is renewed energy and stamina, leading the way to a better health and vitality.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Mandala Deep Tissue Massage 2:20 hrs
    A full-body massage using deep tissue pressure and cross-fiber strokes. Feel your aching and tired muscles yield to the therapeutic touch of your therapist. Ideal for those who indulge in sports and instense physical activity. By working into deeper muscle layers, long-held tensions in the body are released.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Pre Natal Massage 1:30 hr
    An essential massage designed to care for pregnant women. As you lie on your side, supported by a body pillow, gentle deep tissue techniques and stretches knead all tension and fatigue. Those with difficulty lying face-down or upright may also benefit of this side-lying massage.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Stone Magic Therapy 2:15 hrs
    Originating from the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna tradition of Pohaku ("Healing Stones"). Mandala Spa's Stone Magic allows you to experience the harmonizing energies of "living" hot and cold stones in this massage ritual. Feel your body and spirit yield to this exhilarating and powerful theraphy.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Hawaiian Kahuna Massage 2 hrs
    This massage is characterized by Huna's loving and nurturing approach to holistic healing that returns balance to body, mind and soul. Through long and gentle rhythmic strokes and the use of virgin coconut oil, it is a beautiful way to nourish the skin, restore inner joy and create a lasting sense of well being.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Polynesian Symphony Massage 2 hrs
    This four hand therapeutic technique takes one to profound dimensions of relaxation. Two therapist work in unison, in synchronized and flowing gracefull Hula movements. Combine with virgin coconut oil, one experiences outer nourishment and renewed vitality.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort WATSU

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Watsu 30 - 50 mins
    Enter a very deep state of relaxation as you surrender to the universe while cradled and nurtured in water. An incredible experience.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort WaterDance 50 mins
    The soul that yearns to be free experiences exhilaration in this 3-dimentional water therapy. With the aid of noseclips, you are brought into an underwater journey.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort YOGA
    Energize and tone your body, still your mind and calm your emotions in one of our yoga classes. Classes are open to beginners and advanced Hatha yoga practitioners. Please check with the spa reception for class schedules and yoga retreats. Private classes may also be arranged with our certified Yoga instructors.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort SOUL CONNECTIONS

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Exhale! 2 hrs
    A special session with Mandala's consultant, Ms. Mo-Ching Yip. Based on the reading that shes does of your body, Mo-Ching works on releasing tension in the neuromuscular junctions and re-balancing the energies. Includes a floral bath, Exhilarating!

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Reiki 50 mins
    Promote well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally through the universal life-force energy that is channeled by your Reiki Master through hands-on healing...

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort SCRUBS
    Designed to exfoliate and tone the skin.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Mandi Lulur 2:30 hrs
    Originating from the Royal palaces in Java, this exotic scrub contains a blend of turmeric, herbs and spices, and is followed by a soothing yogurt splash.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Boracay Salt Glow 2:30 hrs
    Experience the secrets of beautiful Boracay skin with this traditional recipe of Boracay herbs, sea salts, aromatic oils, and tropical plant extracts

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort WRAPS
    Designed to cleanse, moisturize, and deeply nourish the skin, we use banana leaves to wrap the body and enhance the penetrating properties of our all-natural ingredients.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Cool Cucumber-Aloe Wrap 2:30 hrs
    Long known as skin healers, freshly prepared cucumber and aloe vera leave your skin cool and re-hydrated. A must for skin exposed to sun and sea.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Papaya-Pineapple Body Polish 2: 20 hrs
    Bring your skin to a radiant glow and shine with gentle exfoliating and metabolic stimulating powers of fruit enzymes.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Seaweed Wraps 2:30 hrs
    Experience the vast benefits of the ocean's bounty; let nature detoxify and rebuild your body through the magical properties of the sea.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort FACIALS

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort All Natural Facial 1:05 hr
    Luxuriate in the lavish richness of nature's gentle properties that work into delicate areas of your face, through carefull and gentle strokes, revealing youthful, radiant and glowing skin.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Royal Licorice and Green Tea Facial (Pevonia) 1:30 hr
    This nourishing and healing facial mask lifts impurities and replenishes minerals and vitamins to your skin. Through a cycle of warming and cooling masks, allow nature's gentle ingredients and Mandala Spa's carefull pampering strokes to soothe, heal, and restore your skin to optimum health.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort REJUVENATION

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Shodhana Karma (an Ayurvedic Tradition) 2:30 hrs
    Inspired by the ancient Indian system of well-being called Ayurveda, this 3-part ritual promotes healing and rejuvenation by removing environmental toxins from the body, allowing vital energies to flow freely while indulging the senses with exotic oils and scents.

    ... as the massage loosens the impurities when the herbalized sesame oil penetrates your cells ... as the heat from the sauna coaxes those unwanted toxins and as the ubvartan scrub gently exfoliates your skin ... celebrate in the knowledge that you will emerge revitalized.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Swedana 2 hrs
    The combination of massage using herbalized sesame oil and a sauna after is a winner for de-stressing and cleansing your system.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort PACKAGES
    To further your enjoyment at Mandala Spa, we are offering our guests packages which are combinations of two or more different treatments.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Princess Treatment 4 hrs
    Starting with a floral food bath, stimulate your senses as you journey through the scrub and wrap of your choice; luxuriate amidst flowers in your hot bath; yield to our nurturing Mandala Signature Massage; then feel your most radiant self with a facial. And when you come out of your reverie, sip herbal tea at the terrace.
  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Gentleman's Package 3:25 hrs
    Unwind as you are guided through a scrub or wrap of your choice; submit to your therapist's healing touch during your Mandala Signature Massage, invigorate in the floral bath; gift yourself with a facial, then relax with herbal tea at the terrace.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Thalasso Suite 3 hrs
    Re-mineralize your cells with nutrients fresh from the sea. Our loofah scrub will prepare your skin for the seaweed bath. Our unique formulation stimulates metabolism, improves skin tone and promotes cell renewal. Through its drawing properties, this therapy is also ideal for cellulite reduction.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Boracay Bliss 3:25 hrs
    Feel intoxicated in bliss as you experience the magic of a scrub or wrap of your choice; allow our romantic oil blends to penetrate your skin through our Mandala Signature Massage; delight in a scent-infused hot bath; acquire a glow with a facial, and savor tea at the terrace.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Water Journey 2:50 hrs
    Surrender to the water... let your soul be heard... journey through Watsu or Water Dance; integrate your experience as you are treated to our Mandala Signature Massage and our legendary floral bath.
  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Watsu for Two 2 hrs
    Share an incredible Watsu experience with your loved one and deepen your connection as your learn how to safely cradle and nurture each other in water, taking one another into a very deep state of relaxation, one surrenders to the universe.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas Resort Green Coffee Therapy (Pevonia) 3:30 hrs
    The luxurious slimming body scrub and wrap detoxifies your body and firms the skin, as well as reduces the appearance of cellulite and other signs of ageing. Your skin is revitalized, toned and polished to reveal a youthful glow. An invigorating to look and feel great before hitting the beach!

Mandala Spa and Villa- Recreational Facilities and Activities

  • Jet Skiing                                                             
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling                                                         
  • Massage
  • Banana Boat Ride                                                
  • Pedal Boating
  • Kayaking                                                             
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Scuba Diving                                                        
  • Spa
  • Parasailing


Mandala Spa and Villa- Other Services Offered
  • Airline Ticketing Assistance                                 
  • Tours & transfers                                               
  • Island Hopping


Mandala Spa and Villa- Season Schedules
LEAN SEASON    :               JUNE 01 – OCTOBER 31
HIGH SEASON     :              APRIL 01 – MAY 31
                                              NOVEMBER 01-DECEMBER 19
                                              JANUARY 06-MARCH 31
SUPER PEAK       :               HOLY WEEK ( 2011: APR. 18-24,2011), (2012:TBA )

Mandala Spa and Villa- Policy
Booking for Children:
Child below six (06) year old is Free-of-Charge but sharing bed with parents, without breakfast.
Children above seven (07) years and above shall be considered and charged as adult.
And should provide a copy of birth certificate or passport copy for verification purpose of the resort, failure to provide the said documents was considered adult and will be charge.

Reservation Policy:

    • The Resort is strictly imposing NO ACCOMMODATION VOUCHER, NO CHECK-IN.
    • No revisions allowed for finalized booking/s. No change or revision of guest name/s after finalization of bookings.
    • The guest is responsible for any damages or loss to the assigned room and to the resort facilities cause by guest or guest’s invitees. Guest agrees to pay for any such damage or loss, and authorizes the Hotel/Resort to charge the said loss or damage to guest’s credit card.
    • Check – In time 2:00 P.M.         / Check – Out time 12:00 P.M


    • Any cancellation received after booking has been finalized / guaranteed shall merit one (1) night cancellation charge. Cancellation received after 15 days before the arrival must charge fifty (50%) percent cancellation charge. And after ten (10) days before the arrival must charge one hundred (100%) percent cancellation charge or full charge.
    • During Super peak season, all guaranteed booking/s that will be cancelling is subject to full cancellation charge.
    •   No refunds or credits will be provided if the guest experiencing travel delays & no show. For in – house guests who decide to shorten their stay, payment for the unused nights shall be non – refundable.


A 40 minute hop to Boracay – The best way to get to Boracay from the domestic airport is to fly to Caticlan (the airport nearest Boracay.)

Flights to Manila – Many international airlines fly to Manila from an airport near you,
wherever you may be. Once you land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila,
take a short taxi ride to the domestic airport.

Once at Caticlan, take a passenger boat across to Boracay. Get off at Boat Station One. Walk north towards Willie’s Rock.



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